Coffee Beans

Roccab's Cafe coffee beans are available for purchase so
you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anywhere.

Coffee Bean Descriptions
Smooth flavor, medium body and low acidity. tends to provide a quality cup for many in the unblended state.
Colombian Suprimo:
A step above excelso in green preparation. An excellently mild flavored aromatic coffee.
Costa Rican:
An aromatic coffee with an excellent balance of body and acidity.
New Guinea:
A smooth, aromatic coffee accentuated by full body. A little known coffee that is increasing in popularity.
Medium bodied, sweet with a smooth finish.
One of the heaviest bodied coffees in the world. Rich and smooth.
Tanzanian AA:
A sharp and winey coffee. Medium to full bodied.
A light and fruity coffee. Medium bodied.   
Guatemalan Antigua:
Extremely aromatic and lively medium bodied.   
Kenya AA:
A pleasantly fresh and unique coffee. Highly acidic with lemony character and slightly herbal finish.   
Viennese Roast:
A combination of coffees roasted medium to dark. Highly aromatic and full bodied.
Sumatra French:
very heavily bodied, rich, smooth roasted French.   
French Roast:
A very  dark roasted Colombian Supremo coffee, for those who prefer a strong cup.
Italian Roast:
Highly aromatic, light acidity and smoked character. (Our darkest roast)  
A great degree of aroma, medium bodied fair acidity with a subtle winelike tone. (Grown commercially in the United States)
Celebes Kalossi:
A smooth and very mellow, full bodied coffee. One of the world's premium coffees.
Ethiopian Harrar:
Natural sun dried coffee. Exotic winey and light  bodied. An excellent Mocha substitute, a prime component of Mocha Java blends.
Jamaican Blue:
Rich, full bodied, but mellow in the cup. (Extra-Rare)
Espresso Blend:
A strong, rich and very creamy cup, roasted dark. Known for its being the main ingredient in the famous Cappuccino.
Gourmet House Blend:
A blend of three of the most exotic coffees available in the world. It begins with a fine and unusual bouquet, rich and full bodied, and ends with a smooth taste one cannot forget.
Decaffeinated Coffee Beans
Decaf Natural:
A dark heavily bodied Colombian coffee decaffeinated through a water process.
Decaf Colombian:
A mild bodied, light roasted, Colombian coffee with a rich taste. Low in acidity.
Decaf French:
A very dark roasted, rich Colombian coffee.
Decaf Mocha Java:
A blend of the fruity, acidy Ethiopian Ghimbi and the deeply rich, smooth bodied Java. Dark roasted and decaffeinated through a chemical free Swiss water process, creating a spicy cup full of flavor.
Decaf of Espresso Coffee:
A very dark roasted, rich bodied decaffeinated Colombian coffee.
Decaf Sumatra:
One of the world's most heavily bodied decafs. A very rich and smooth cup.
Decaf Italian:
Highly aromatic, decaffeinated coffee light acidity and smoky character.
Decaf Viennese:
Highly aromatic, full bodied decaffeinated combination of coffees roasted medium to dark.